About Us

Born in Bangkok, graced with world class point breaks and seaside racetracks, where ghosts of a once towering oil industry still linger in the shadows. Blue Jeans is the brainchild of a man who, after decades of collective experience building successful fabric business, decided to turn back the clock and start anew. The result is a small, hand-built collection of goods that draws heavily upon innovative ideas and the founder’s own experiences.

What inspired our creation are these items that are loved long over time. Our fabric is woven to withstand long wear. The dyeing method uses a unique recipe incorporating the traditional combined with innovative technologies. Each product is produced precisely making every piece unique.

Paying respect to every innovation and the traditional artisans who are known globally for their exceptional craftsmanship, we aim to pursue the art and possibilities of modern men’s goods. Every product that we make always has its own hidden story and background. This adds greater meaning, depth, and value to each item. We think that it is very important for every element to have meaning – the material, the construction, the planning, the coloring. We believe that by combining these elements we can provide our customers with products that have a great value and in great variety.

“There is a great history behind all the items we create and the respect we have for this background cannot be measured.

Our hope is that when customers discover this history for themselves, it will add yet another layer of depth to our products.”